ModelCo’s Lip Light for People Who Can’t Apply Lipstick in the Dark


Ostensibly, this lip gloss with concealed LED light in the lid is to avoid any Marilyn Manson or The Cure’s Robert Smith-style makeup malfunctions and help you put on your lippy while you’re stuck in a dark place (grimy club corridors, dustbins, my mind on a Sunday evening). I can think of some better uses for it, though.ANK_C02.jpg

As an interrogation tool. “Were you dancing up close and personal with that podium bitch just now, or is it a trick of the vodka light?”

Locating lost items in your handbag/manbag.

Annoying people in clubs.

Annoying people in general.

Showing your boyfriend exactly where the—no, that’s just TOO rude for a Monday morning.

It comes in five shades, costs A$32 and is only available in Australia.

Lip lights for glamorous lips any time any where [GizmoDiva]