Virgin cans 1GB for $10 deal, drops to 300MB

virginmobile.jpgVirgin goes all prick tease on mobile data lovers, inviting you in with a 1GB data offering for $10, and then locking you out in the hallway, naked, with only 300MB to show for it.

UPDATE: The good news is, if you were fast off the block, your 1GB plan will be honoured (no specific word on how long for). They actually dropped the plan back to 300MB two weeks after it launched, so it was a small window of time in which you could have nabbed that rate. Everyone else? 300MB is the best you’ll get from Virgin.

At their excess usage rate, that opens up a $10,500 chasm between you and a juicy 1GB limit. Compared to the competition (sans X-Series), 300MB / $10 isn’t bad, but if you were still thinking about it, now you just have to go back to dreaming instead.

Virgin told Gizmodo:

After much consideration we have decided to tweak the current offering. We saw evidence that after 2 weeks in the market place the 1gig plan for $10 was at risk of being misused as a home broadband replacement – something it was not designed to be used for. We still feel that our offering is an extremely strong one and after research into usage profiles, are confident that we are offering our customers exactly what they want/need.

Hehe. ‘Tweak’.

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