ESWC 2007: Immunity bows out early


So I’ve been here in Paris covering the exploits of Australia’s Team Immunity Counter-Strike team at the Electronic Sports World Cup. Sadly, the boys drew a proverbial ‘group of death’ and were knocked out in the first group phase with a 1-3 record. The three teams they were beaten by were all pro teams, and Immunity pushed the top ranked team from their group to the brink of an upset that would have been on par with Australia beating Italy in the soccer.Overall, they fought hard, but were outclassed by teams earning crazy cash for playing games all year round. Immunity scored some respect from the pros, but of course they’re keen to convert that respect into 0wnage for next year.

Oh, and gaming as a sport? It’s reality here in Europe. The final saw a 5,000 seat room go well past that with hundreds standing to watch what turned into a three-hour epic. If Chess can be an alternate sport option at schools, why not CS?

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