Hitachi Hatches Big-Screen GPS

Hitachi may not be a big name in GPS, but the company has gone and taken TomTom and Garmin to school with the MMP-501B, its latest GPS device with a massive five-inch display.

Like most other high-end PNDs, the 501B has text-to-speech functionality for reading out street names and addresses, can play MP3 and MP4 files from the 256MB memory or SD card and hands-free via Bluetooth. Press release

July 2007
In late 2006, Hitachi introduced its first GPS models to Australia featuring its trademark superior technologies and functionality. Nine months later, Hitachi has updated these models and tailored them to suit consumers’ road navigation and entertainment needs. Indeed, the new Hitachi GPS models are an all-in-one solution providing users with a navigation and entertainment system.

User friendly and easy to use interface
The new features of the 2007 Hitachi GPS car navigators make finding your way quicker, easier, and most importantly, stress-free. The main menu is user friendly and contains most of the features you’ll want to access on a day-to-day basis: touch screen, address entry, points of interest, recent addresses, red light camera alerts and school safety zone indications as well as shortcuts for home and work. The new models offer an easy to use interface with mapping data Sensis V14 software.

The large screen of the MMP-501B makes it simple to navigate, with clearly labelled selection boxes for most sections. Both new models include the new Multi Stop planner function that enables users to plan their trip with up to 12 stops. Simply enter your destination and the internal GPS receiver plots your whereabouts and your optimum route. The directions and your present location are constantly pinpointed and displayed with crystal clarity on the extra-wide 5″ & 4″ anti-glare LCD touch-screen while the automated voice-prompts will instruct you when and where to turn. The latest addition to the GPS models is the “Text to speech” function that announces the street names and addresses and enables users to be directed more accurately to their destination. Also, the MMP-501’s maps are simple and easy to read and can easily be zoomed in and out by using the large + and – controls on the touch screen.

Much more than just an electronic car navigation system
The Hitachi MMP-501B & MMP-401B GPS units are much more than just an electronic car navigation system. They also play MP3 & MP4 audio/video files from their 256MB SDRAM which you can transfer via the USB connection or SD card. In addition, both models are equipped with 500,000 points of interests enabling the user to easily locate the nearest café, beach, petrol station or other local attractions.

You will be able to enjoy the benefit of hands-free calls with the MMP-501, when used in conjunction with your Bluetooth compatible mobile phone. You can also plug-in an external device like an MP3 player or a reverse parking camera via the unit’s AV connection. The battery time is obviously a bonus on these models as it respectively provides a 3.5-hour and 5-hour stand-alone operating time on the MMP-401B and the MMP-501B. They can also be directly connected to a car adaptor, if needed.

The new Hitachi GPS models combine convenience and entertainment for the modern traveller by delivering the latest user friendly features such as “Text to speech” voice guidance to make car navigation enjoyable and stress free.

MMP-501B 5″ GPS with Bluetooth
“¢ Anti Glare Screen
“¢ Text to Speech with languages support
“¢ Touch screen display
“¢ Automatic route re-calculation
“¢ Sensis Australia V14 Mapping
“¢ Sirf Star 3 GPS receiver
“¢ Voice guided directions with turn by turn
route summary
“¢ Speed zone warning
“¢ Map database with over 500,000 points of
interest (POI)
“¢ Multi Stop Planner
“¢ School Safety Zone
“¢ Calculates distance to destination
“¢ 3D/2D Day and Night Mod
“¢ Memory Card Slot ( SD+ MMC)
“¢ Avoid Toll Road
“¢ Red Light Camera alert
“¢ Route Playback
“¢ Less than 60 sec. start up time
“¢ Fixed Speed Camera alerts
“¢ My Recent Locations (History)

Available mid-August for $799.