Idiot: eBayer ‘stall4u’ pays $29 for cardboard iPhone

cardboard-iphone-220.jpgThis eBay item was kinda funny, because unlike many subtle dodgy listings it was an overt pisstake of said dodgy listings. A badly drawn cardboard iPhone that doesn’t look remotely like an iPhone. Ha. Good one. I laughed. The question and answer section is particularly entertaining.

The result? 8 bids. $29. ‘stall4u’, you’re an idiot.

PS: Here in Paris, I saw a guy on the Metro with an iPhone today. Real, not cardboard. Like Oz, it isn’t set to come out here in Europe for quite a few months. But he was chillin’, playing with the menu scrolling and listening to some tunes. It was definitely active – perhaps it was roaming? I tried to sneak a pic, but didn’t get one snapped off in time. Awwww… Anyway, it was big. Bigger than I’d first thought. But not Cardboard big.

Apple iPhone 8GB Cardboard [eBay]
Thanks Sascha for the tip!