Virgin Broadband Launches Wireless Home and Broadband Service

virginbroadband.jpgVirgin Mobile has launched a wireless landline and broadband service that could see you kissing your costly line rental fees goodbye. For $60 a month, you get a free 3G/HSDPA modem, unlimited calls to national landlines, unlimited calls to Virgin Mobile users and calls to other mobiles and overseas for 45c a minute. While it works over the Optus HSDPA mobile network, it acts like a landline, and you can even port your existing home number to it so you don ‘t have to faff about with changing numbers.

But wait, there’s more!As part of the deal, you also get 4GB of broadband internet data at an average speed of 512kbps, which rates very favourably compared to other wireless broadband offerings. However, according to SMH, access to P2P applications are restricted to a 64kbps speed – and this isn’t limited to file sharing applications. ‘Legitimate’ programs like Skype use a peer-to-peer architecture and will suffer from the same speed restrictions. Virgin Broadband Poised To Slaughter Telstra’s Landline Profit [APC]