Vodafone Opens Online Music Store


Call me new-fashioned, but I’ve actually been known to buy some of my music online. Never on a mobile phone though, as all the networks charge a freakishly-expensive $3 per song. Until today. Vodafone has just opened an online music store to complement their mobile offering, with individual tracks available for $1.99 each (slightly more expensive than iTunes’ $1.69) and $15.99 an album (cheaper than iTunes by a dollar).

The kicker is that you need to be a Vodafone customer to buy anything. Music purchases can be made through your PC or mobile (and played on both), and if you lose your handset or change PCs, Vodafone will replace all your tracks for free.

According to a Vodafone representative, the store has over half a million tracks, and also exclusive content like live tracks from artists like Wolfmother, Snow Patrol, Jet and more. Vodafone Music Store.