Breakfast Wrap: Best of the Weekend


Hope you got leid on the weekend! *BOOMTISH*

World’s largest RF chamber looks like Mario Galaxy level.

Soviet Union vs USA train race.
Oh the hot science of the cold war! How quaintly antiquated!

Ordinary guys send picture taking balloon 22.27 miles high.

Tempo wireless trash can saves files from deletion.
Nice spot of extra anti-dumb security, but probably get you fired if you work in bank/military.

103-inch plasma + Xbox 360 = Nerdgasm!
Adam at Giz USA is one lucky mofo!

Scientists consider mining moon for precious Helium3.
Surely that would unleash some demonic force, like in all those space horror movies?

UCSD engineers build highest resolution display. Ever.
220 megapixels. That’s 100x HDTV.

RED ONE HD camera ready to ship.
Proof is soon to meet its pudding.

HTMS Provia A1. So hot it makes us horny.
Wait ’til you see the 3D maps on this satnav. You’ll tent too.