Breakfast Wrap: Best of Wednesday Night


Mmmm… I think it’s been too long since my last breakfast congee…

1200-feet high zip line the school bus for Columbian kids.
‘Pretend you don’t enjoy it, guys. They might take it away if they realise we think it’s fun!’

New Bose SoundDock Portable arrives at our doors.
The classic iPod dock now more travel friendly, and has a cool retractable dock.

Nokia Ovi opens door to new N-Gage, music, social network, maps.
Ambitious online effort, can’t help strike fear into hearts with the mention of N-Gage.

Researchers decode keyless car entry, almost every car crackable.
And it only takes about an hour of observations. For one car. Yeah, killer crack.

Unearthed: Nintendo 2001 prototype motion-sensing one-handed controller from Gyration.
What could have been… I’m happier with what actually is – the Wiimote.

Robot arm mimics muscle, bone structure to write hello.
Elective arm grafts mere decades away!