Wow, we are SO gullible! Just ask SMH!

tom-oliveri.jpgI’m not usually an “old media, new media” guy. In fact, I regularly write for the Sydney Morning Herald. So it isn’t with great pleasure that I point to a pissweak story about the mothership from Edmund Tadros at SMH, who thought it was just wonderful to flag Gizmodo being duped by a young Aussie rumour faker, Tom Oliveri.

Apparently, the “Tech world” fell for “Tom’s foolery”. On a Sunday. For so long that the post wasn’t even available to us here at Giz AU in our overnight feedbag. You can see what is left of it right here.

Actually, if tech world = Gizmodo, then thanks for the compliment, Tadros. We pretty much think this blog rules the school too.Yes, Jesus picked up and ran with a pretty basic ‘rumour leak’, and thought it was a different Tom Oliveri. But the whole thing was over in a flash. Doesn’t stop Tadros thinking it’s the cleverest thing this side of cleversville. And that it gets a spot atop the SMH front page. Oh, how silly us bloggers are, and how terrible our powers of the fact check must be. Haha. New media is so lame! LOLZ.

Oliveri, who works full-time in technical support at an internet company, said he was disappointed he was uncovered overnight as he had planned to become a regular source of fake Apple news for the Gizmodo blog.

A regular source of fake Apple news? That’s a plan? Tom, you had a few minutes of fun. I hope you remember it fondly…