Breakfast Wrap: Best of Monday Night


Gun hairdryer kills wet hair, self-respect.
Please warn housemates that you aren’t really putting a gun to your head post-shower.

Magic backpack straps generate power.
The miracle of piezoelectric material activity!

Bill Maher rips iPhone fanboys a new one.
Haters, here’s a good chuckle at the expense of ‘early adopters’.

Kensington rolls out modular Slim Blade media notebook accessories.
Now if Kensington can just learn how to make this gear look GOOD.

Taito touchscreen arcade card battle game looks like MS Surface.
Man, it’s a long time since cards were best suited to a good game of flicks.

Sony in negotiations to sell the Cell?
Amazingly, it seems they’re talking to HD arch-rival Toshiba! Wars are wars, but business is business.