Solar Sailor: First Tech Museum Laureate from Australia

Here’s one for the record books. Literally. Solar Sailor is an Australian invention that can right now be found sailing Sydney Harbour, a hybrid powered boat design that allows solar and wind energy to be harvest via its ‘solar wing’ for big enviro/financial energy savings. This tech has the potential to scale for use on ferries, cruisers, yachts, and even large tankers. Dr Robert Dane, Head of Solar Sailor:

We are confident we can build everything up to ocean liners and in fifty years time people will look back on boats of the 20th Century and they’ll say where are the wings?

Now Solar Sailor is the first Australian company recognised by the Tech Museum Awards Program as a Laureate for its contribution to the Environment. Read on for what Bob Hawke (yep, good old Hawkey), Chairman of Solar Sailor Holdings, had to say about that. No, he didn’t cry. Another pic after the jump too.

The Tech Awards are an incredible honour, recognising individuals and organisations whose ideas and execution of those ideas are changing the world. We are proud to be among those recognised for their contrubitions, and will continue to develop solutions that improve the overall well being of people worldwide.

He then sank a yard glass just to show he hasn’t lost his touch. Or I might have just made that up.

A category winner will be picked at a ceremony in November, adding $50,000 to sweeten the award (though when you’re a company worth more than $40m, it’s the prize that’s more exciting than the money). Check out the awards site for some other pretty cool innovations – none as good as the Aussies, of course! [Solar Sailor]