Breakfast Wrap: Best of the Weekend

Back to the grind, folks. Unless you’re a school kid who’s still on holidays! Either way, here’s some good stuff from the weekend. Sorry about the fajitas, but I’m already hankering for some tasty lunch.

ATI Graphics at the root of iMac freezing issues?
Freezing issues + any computer = not good.

Pioneer SE-CLX9 is Batman’s earphone of choice.
Seriously, wait until you see the utility pack of optional earpieces.

Apple applies for patent for pressure sensitive touchscreens.
Huh? How is that new? Anyone know some prior art out there?

JVC builds 180Hz LCD. Makes 120Hz screens look like chumps.
Don’t we need about 1000Hz to match plasma efficiency?

40GB PS3 now official. Zero back compat.
With PS2 still available, really cheap and now so tiny, is back compat really an issue?

Puke-o-matic amusement park ride isn’t for the weak stomached.
Ones that go a bit off-axis now and then feel much worse.

Yamaha YSP-500 the littlest sound beam system.
This could really be the ‘sweet spot’ system for many homes.

Hulk PC mod is nothing short of spectacular.
Without hesitation, this is the best case mod I’ve ever seen.

Craig Venter claims artificial life has been created.
Just waiting on that little thing called ‘peer review’ to confirm.