Breakfast Wrap: Best of Thursday Night

Getting back on track with the new system, though galleries are still not flowing through correctly. Once Kaan, king of codes, is unshackled from his uni exams we’ll be entering a summer of hot lovin’ as new features flow forth from his magic fingers of code fu. Anyway, here’s what’s been going down overnight.

New NEC LCD can switch between wide or narrow viewing angles.
But only at the factory… flip of the switch would be a little more useful.

Nintendo DS TV tuner finally priced and dated.
Japan release is November 20, price translates to about $70.

Our Leopard reviews matrix.
A quick look at what Pogue, Mossberg and Baig thought. Whoever they are. 😉

Samsung demos world’s first bendable OLED.
Because bendy means it’s, you know, more fun or something.

Mac OS X Leopard: The First Hour.
The mothership team liveblogged their first hour on the updated OS. Hijinks ensued.

Nintendo’s first half profit nearly triples, money printers can’t keep up.
Spin against the Wii all you like, MS and Sony, but they’re winning the profit war too!

Pear Cable chickens out of $1m challenge, we search for answers.
Quotes from all involved. Guess who looks the worst by the end?