Digital all-or-nothing TV reception hearts old school antenna

In my last abode, even though we had a big antenna on the roof my digital reception was awful. Analogue perfect. Digital zero. So I simply could not fall in love with digital TV, and I’m sure others are in a similar boat right now.

Here’s a good news story on digital, though. In my new place I have pretty good line of sight to broadcast towers – good enough that I don’t need an aerial. Literally. At first, I got cheeky and went old school with a coathanger. And it worked. But now I’ve found all I need is an RF cable plugged in, but as you can see, it is just dangling at the top of the TV. Now and then it weirds out a little, but when that happens I just move the cable to the other end of the TV and it goes back to giving me crystal reception.

Kinda like broadband versus dial-up in the early days. When it works, it is awesome. But when it isn’t working for you, you are utterly SOL.In my office, where there is no wall plug for the rooftop antenna, I was worried about how I’d get some TV on. For a laugh, I grabbed a coathanger and attached an old RF cable. BINGO! Perfect HD reception! Strangely, the coathanger started playing up, so as I thought hope was lost I looked for another solution. When I took the coathanger off the cable? DING! My RF cable is now delivering perfect HD with nothing else attached.

The analogue tuner isn’t having a bar of this terrible set up. But the digital sings. So when it gets it right, digital really does have something to offer.