Another Potentially Creepy Spawn of Social Networking


I’m paranoid, extremely vain and hence under the impression that everyone is out to stalk me, so my Facebook profile is highly privatised. FBChicks is a site that may appeal to those who are more into the ‘social’ aspects of ‘social networking’ and follows in the grand tradition of class and ingenuity that spawned successes such as Hot or Not.

Taking advantage of the human traits of vanity, an affinity for substances that alter judgement and behaviour, and the subsequent plethora of compromising photos publicly available on Facebook, their positioning statement says it better than I ever could:

Tired of sorting through dozens of photos of your hot friends in order to find the few good ones? Perhaps the ones where they’ve gotten so drunk that they’ve forgotten pants, questioned their sexuality, or just generally posed like, well, we didn’t want to use the word ‘whores’ but clearly the pictures speak for themselves.

So really, it’s a productivity tool!

[FBChicks via ShinyShiny]

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