Led Zeppelin send 3 Mobile into Communication Breakdown

3zeppelin.jpgOkay, for the younger folk, Communication Breakdown is the name of a Zeppelin track. Yeah, the jokes are never as good when you have to explain them…

Anyway, Zeppelin will be rocking up the 3 Mobile network, with full-length audio downloads available over the air from Saturday. They’ll even be rocking Real Tones, Call Me Tones, alerts, and wallpapers. I can honestly say I have NEVER bought a ringtone. But the idea of rocking Kashmir every time the phone rings gives me fuzzies. Yeah, yeah, I could make it myself. But path of least resistance is sometimes nice when you use it so rarely.

If you’ve never encountered 3’s music store before, it’s a nice set up that gives you any track you buy as two downloads — one for your mobile and one for your PC ($1.99, and, of course, these are Windows Media DRM tracks).