Ten free discs with HD DVD players, a couple worth watching

HDE1.jpgWe’ve mentioned the recent local price drops for HD DVD. Now Toshiba has added more discs to their redemption deals to sweeten the deal further, with as many as ten discs now heading your way when you send off the voucher (or whatever it is you need to do to redeem). That’s on top of one disc in the box (no idea what, sorry). But caveat emptor, friends. The word ‘Norbit’ appears on the list… isn’t that more dealbreaker than dealmaker?

Buy an HD-E1 at $599 and you can get $100 cashback plus three discs:
The Holiday, Miami Vice, and HULK. Not too offensive, and two of those
could make for some nice showpiece discs just for their colour and

Buy the HD-EP10 at $799 and that’s $100 cashback plus five discs: World
Trade Centre, Dream Girls, Black Rain, U2 Rattle & Hum, and…
Norbit. I’d watch Dream Girls once. Black Rain? Once was enough back in

Buy the HD-XE1 at $1299 and get ten discs: All those mentioned above,
plus Fast & the Furious Tokyo Drift and American Werewolf in
London. Tokyo Drift is actually quite good (for a trashy racer flick),
and American Werewolf in London is by far the best disc on the entire

In value add deals like these, for me it is a turn off if the sweeteners are not to my taste. At their best, these deals offer choices from a range of options. So I’m not so impressed with this deal. Still, if you’re diving into the new format and you’re just after some content to spin in the early days of having your player, it’s nice to score a bunch of discs. Right?