Arcam Flies Mini CD Player Solo

arcam-solo-mini-1-1.jpgWe know that gadgets are better when they’re smaller. And obviously the miniaturisation trend is making its way through to high-end audio manufacturers as well, with Arcam releasing this mini version of their Solo CD player.

Retailing for the bargain price of $1598 (without speakers) the Arcam Solo Mini packs in a CD player (which plays back MP3 discs as well), AM/FM or FM/DAB tuners, integrated iPod control through their optional extra rLead/rDock peripheral, six additional RCA inputs, a front USB port and a remote control.  It also boasts 2 x 25 Watts per Channel linear amplifiers inside, making it plenty loud for pissing off neighbours.

Being Arcam, it probably has really impressive sound quality, but for a device that spends so much time playing back compressed music (from its list of features above), it does seem a tad expensive. Of course, the full size version costs $2498, so I guess we really shouldn’t complain. Or maybe we should complain twice as much… whichever suits you best.