Breakfast Wrap: Best of the Weekend


An exciting gadget weekend by anyone’s standards. Even the Amish would have enjoyed it. Here’s what you may have missed…

Wal-Mart Goes Blu-ray Exclusive in June and Toshiba To Pull Plug on HD DVD Next Week
It’s all but official – Blu-ray has won the war. I just don’t want to have to buy Transformers again…

Laser Harp: Officially the Best Thing We’ve Seen All Morning
Make music with lasers – what’s not to love about this?

Sony Magazine Says PSP-Phone Could Come As Early As February? Really?
Um, not likely. Considering, you know, Feb is pretty much over now.

Poor People Use Yahoo, Richies Use Google
Wow, I’m rich! Or am I? I think my credit card would like to argue with these findings…