Breakfast Wrap: Best of Wednesday Night


Dyson Concept Updates The Clothesline: It’s Raining Pants
I reckon this will sell like hotcakes in Asia, where every apartment building hangs their washing over the handrail.

Wiimote Nerf Blaster Shoots Foam Darts, Adds Meaning to Life
Whose life, I’m not sure, but at least it looks cool…

Collapsible Surfboard Concept Brings Meccano Fun to Water Sports
Cos who doesn’t want to spend 30 minutes making their surfboard before hitting the waves?

Apple TV 2.0 Review
This one’s out of the US. They love it, but then they would – they get movie rentals, which we won’t

Mobile Fishing Game – Catch a Virtual Fish, Get a Real Fish Delivered to your Door
This is why I love Japan