How Green Is Your Plasma? The Government Thinks You Should Know

plasma rating garrett.jpg
Am I the only person that still can’t get used to Peter Garrett as a politician? Everytime I see him speak I picture him dancing in the Beds are burning video clip, and wonder how anyone could ever take him seriously.

Still, he’s announced a pretty encouraging energy star rating for all home appliances, including plasma TVs and computers. All new products will have to adhere to the 10-star energy efficiency rating system, prominently displaying just how energy efficient the product is.

The rating system is likely to start next year with whitegoods like fridges and dishwashers once the design has been worked out and approved, and rolled over into other consumer electronics like TVs and PCs by April next year.

It’s a good move – plasmas in particular are notoriously power hungry
and can double a monthly electricity bill. Having aa uniform star
rating on all new flat panel TVs will not only help you save money on
electricity, but will also force manufacturers to put even more effort
into making their products more energy efficient.