Harman Kardon Joins The Blu-ray Team, Toshiba Keeps On Keeping On


It seems as though another battle has been won, although the war still rages on. The latest mercenary to join the Blu-ray side in the format war is Harman Kardon, who announced that they will be releasing a dedicated Blu-ray player at IFA in Berlin later this year.

According to What HiFi?, the player is destined to cost around 450-500 Euros, although all other details are thin on the ground. Harman Kardon have also confirmed that they’ll be releasing the DVC600 HDD/Blu-ray recorder they showed us last year. Pricing and local availability for this model are still up in the air, but rest assured that when we get local news of its release, you’ll be the first to know.

I don’t want to go into the format war yet again, but the case for a Blu-ray victory seems to be getting stronger and stronger every day, wouldn’t you say?

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