Nine’s Underbelly Hits the Internet’s Underbelly


In case you missed it, Channel 9’s new crime drama, Underbelly, was banned from being broadcast in Victoria by the Victorian Supreme Court on Monday as it may influence the result of a murder trial currently underway. The show is a “based on the true story” type show about the 10 year gang war in Melbourne.

But what makes this story really interesting is that within 30 minutes of it being aired last night throughout the rest of Australia, the show was popping up on torrent sites for people to download. Including people from Victoria. According to the SMH, “this morning more than 600 people were already downloading the show from one site”.

Instead of getting to watch the show, Victorians were treated to an apology from Eddie McGuire, and a repeat of the Shawshank Redemption. Talk about adding insult to injury – does anybody ever want to listen to Eddie McGuire any more?

Nine are appealing the decision in the High Court. And while we don’t condone video piracy, did anybody seriously expect this not to happen? Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if the show wasn’t leaked from Channel 9 itself. Though probably not by Eddie – he looked like he was thinking about boning himself from the network.

[SMH via Defamer]