So Blu-ray Won The Format War… Now What?

The US Giz guys have already given you a bit of a cheat sheet to deal with the end of the format war. I’m going to say that in a lot of cases, I disagree with their advice (especially if you’re an HD DVD owner). Here’s what Giz AU reckons you should think about now that Blu-ray rules the roost.

Firstly, HD DVD owners ” don’t give up your HD DVD players. Sure, there are a lot of people out there who know next to nothing about this that you might be able to convince it’s worth the sale. But consider this: the HD DVD player you already own is a pretty impressive upscaling DVD player. Plus, considering that less than 1 million HD DVD players were sold worldwide prior to Toshiba’s decision, you are probably a bit of an early adopter. Which means you probably have a collection of HD DVDs at home that you’re either going to have to a) buy again on Blu-ray, although without some of the interactive features because the Blu-ray spec isn’t up to scratch just yet; or b) try and sell on ebay, which few people are going to buy because ” guess what ” HD DVD is dead.

What you should consider is using this announcement as an opportunity to grow your collection. There are over 1000 region-free HD DVD discs available worldwide at the moment, and I bet you they’re going cheap right about now. Why not create an awesome master collection of every HD DVD ever made? You’ll get hours of playback pleasure, plus you’ll be able to sell it all on ebay in 20 years and make a mint.