The Mobiado Stealth Mobile Phone – One Expensive Block of Aluminium

In a world where luxury phones generally means diamond encrusted or gold plated, it’s refreshing to see a rather plain block of anodised aluminium in the form of the Mobiado Stealth. Wait a minute – what the hell are we saying?

The Stealth is a Tri-band GSM phone from fashionista Mobiado. Its front is made from a single piece of aluminium with a single piece sapphire screen and sapphire crystal buttons. The design is meant to reflect that of stealth bombers – hence the black shading and radar deflection.

There’s support for up to 2GB of expandable MicroSD memory, push-to-talk, Bluetooth, USB, 2-megapixel camera and stereo speakers for “surround sound” using the built-in music player.

stealth_img7_low.jpgAt 18.5mm thick (excluding those protruding buttons), it’s a bit chunky to really be considered a fashion phone, don’t you think? In fact, those buttons, the girth and the black colour leave me feeling extremely underwhelmed.

Of course that would change as soon as I saw the price – it retails for £1,450 (or $3,000). Ouch.

[Mobiado via]