Write Crap On The Crapper


The best ideas often come to you at the most unfortunate times. In the shower, while you’re driving or sometimes while you’re taking your morning sabbatical, these inspired thoughts generally intrude whenever you don’t have a pen and paper handy to write it down.

Well, cross the last one off that list. The Porcelain Throne is now the perfect place to invent a world-changing invention, thanks to WCNotes, a practical toilet paper holder that also doubles as a pen holder. Convenient, no?

Now you can write the great Australian novel, finish that Soduku puzzle in the paper, jot down you plans for world domination or simply write witty message for the next person to use the can. And because the paper’s right there, you have everything you need to do all these things.


It’s actually surprising nobody thought of this sooner. I’m guessing that the designers actually thought of the idea while they were on the crapper, too. It’s always the way…

[Yanko Design]