Yamaha Goes Crazy, Cooks Up 11.2 Channel Flagship Receiver


Yes, you read that right. The RX-Z11 features connections for 11 speakers and two subwoofers giving you surround sound for your home theatre. It’s the kind of setup millionaires would enjoy. Well, at least they’d have the room for 13 speakers in their loungeroom.

The setup looks something like this: Take 7.1, add in two front “presence” speakers and two rear “presence” speakers, then add another sub, so you have “left and right” channel subs or “front and rear”. Of course, subs are omni directional, so I guess it’s more about showing off keeping up with the speaker output than anything else.

A few of you are probably already shaking your head, saying that there’s no format that offers 11.2, and you’d be 100 per cent correct. Instead, it uses Yamaha’s own DSP technology to create virtual surround from a 5.1 or 7.1 signal. It creates a 360 degree music atmosphere that not only gives audio from around you, but also above and below you as well.

Does it work? Initial verdict after the jump…