Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Tuesday Night


Local river Aquaponics system – But you can call it “refridgerator aquarium”
Lettuce fed by fish poo. Sounds appetising. (No, really, I’m serious)

Sony’s new Blu-ray recorder moves TV (not BD) to your PSP
Finally, Sony’s starting to realise the potential of the PSP. Took them long enough.

Hal the robot hamster loves dancing to Styx, Sniffing stuff
You had me at robot hamster – everything else is like icing on a delicious cake.

iPhone to become Blu-ray player remote
Not as simple as that, but yet another reason I want an iPhone nonetheless.

Philips won’t sell TVs in North America anymore
Hopefully this is just North America – I’ve been a big fan of Ambilight for a long time.