Gizmobie iPod Case: Please Let This Be An April Fool’s Joke

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It’s an iPod case. Nothing too exciting here, other than their choice of name. Gizmobie. Does that sound familiar to you? For some reason, it sounds familiar to us. We can’t quite put our finger on why though. I guess it will come to us eventually.

They fit pretty much every iPod, are easily replaceable and have over 250 different designs to choose from. You can grab yours from Variety Toys. And if you figure out why that name Gizmobie sounds so familiar, feel free to let us know why.

[Variety Toys]

Gizmobies – Finally some cool cover for your IPod!

Variety Toys is very excited to announce the Australian launch of Gizmobies!

Gizmobies are thin, stylish iPod covers with a funky and fashionable twist – Pocketable iPod Protection with Style

Protection and Personalisation

Most iPod cases not only make iPod’s hard to use, but are also bulky and ugly! With Gizmobies, you can say goodbye to faux leather and bulky silicone, you are not limited to just black or off-white, and you won’t need to remove the case to get to the docking station.

Gizmobies have been designed so iPod owners can customize and protect their iPod, and also keep it pocketable and enhance its aesthetics.

Gizmobies will quickly become Australia’s leading brand in fashionable iPod protection that don’t add unwanted bulk.

When an iPod is wearing a Gizmobies it will still be easy to use, look cool and fit easily in your pocket or docking station.

With over 250 different Gizmobies designs and frequent new releases you can not only change the look of your iPod to suit how you feel or to accessorise your outfit , but you can swap them with your friends, and they also make the perfect gift.

Gizmobies are available to fit all current & past size iPods

For stockist information please call Variety Toys on 03 8562 1000.