Internode Brings Naked DSL To Existing Phone Services

internode naked.jpg

Naked DSL seems to be getting a lot of fans in Australia at the moment, from consumers to ISPs. It might have something to do with the exorbitant price of line rental through Telstra and Optus, or it might just be that people like the thought of anything – even broadband – naked. We can’t decide.

Internode recently launched the Naked DSL service to new numbers, and within weeks had garnered over 1000 people signing up to the service. The success has prompted the company to rollout Naked DSL to existing phone services.

It’ll cost you $129 to make the switch – which is $20 cheaper than setting up a new number – and plans start at $60 per month for 5GB worth of data. For $10 per month extra, you can add a VoIP service to your bill, which includes $10 worth of calls.

The service is available at about 350 exchanges, although you’ll need to enter your phone number on Internode’s website to find out whether you’re eligible.

The process of switching is supposed to be a relatively painless one, but they would say that. if anybody decides to make the switch, let us know how it went in comments.