IceTV Tries To Give TiVo The Finger With New Features


A war is brewing. The war for your television viewing habits.

It started with TiVo. Channel 7 wants to take over your lounge room with a decent PVR, full of cool functions like SeasonPass and IP Video. Then Foxtel decided to crank it up a notch with the iQ2 – adding HD to their already impressive digital box. The other day, Sony decided to join the fray by announcing the PlayTV add-on for the PS3, turning your console into a PVR.

So many warriors. Such a large battle looming. And on the side, slightly out of sight but no less a threat to the other champions, is IceTV.

Before the battle begins, they’ve launched their first wave of attacks – adding functionality to their EPG service to give and device running their software even more features. The biggest of which is IceTV Recommendations.