Throw Your Dog An iBone


Come some time in June, I’m going to be getting myself a new phone. My wife will probably be getting a new phone as well. In fact everybody in my house will be getting a new phone, except for my dog, Simba.

But why should he miss out on all the fun? It’s not his fault that his claws would scratch the hell out of a multitouch touchscreen, or that he can’t find headphones that fit him. He shouldn’t have to miss out on all the fun, right?

Right. That’s why we’ll be getting him an iBone, the latest in canine mobile technology. Consisting of a sqeaker toy and an iPhone-like fluffy exterior, the iBone will probably last as long as a real iPhone in Simba’s vice-like jaws, but he’s a tech-savvy dog and who am I to deny him his passion (of chewing toys apart)?

Of course, if your dog doesn’t need a new phone, you could always get them an iPaw:

The iBone is $23 while the iPaw costs $20, and they’re both available from Snootypaws.