Apple Pencil Pro is New and Gyrates

Apple Pencil Pro is New and Gyrates

Apple has dropped a whole lot of iPad news on us this morning but what is an iPad without its iPad accessories? Along with the iPad Pro and iPad Air, the Cupertino giant also unveiled some refreshed iPad accessories the Magic Keyboard and the all new Apple Pencil Pro.

Image: Apple

Apple Pencil Pro has a new sensor in the barrel that can sense a user’s squeeze, bringing up a tool palette to quickly switch tools, line weights, and colours. The Apple Pencil Pro also has a custom haptic engine that delivers a light tap that provides confirmation when users squeeze, use double-tap, or snap to a Smart Shape for a remarkably intuitive experience.

A gyroscope allows users to roll Apple Pencil Pro for precise control of the tool they’re using. Rotating the barrel changes the orientation of shaped pen and brush tools, just like pen and paper. And with Apple Pencil hover, users can visualise the exact orientation of a tool before making a mark.

The Apple Pencil Pro also allows developers to create their own custom interactions. Apple Pencil Pro brings support for Find My for the first time to Apple Pencil, helping users locate Apple Pencil Pro if misplaced. It pairs, charges, and is stored on the side of iPad Pro through a new magnetic interface. iPad Pro also supports Apple Pencil (USB-C). This new Pencil Pro can be used on both the new iPad Pro and iPad Air.

The Apple Pencil Pro is $219.

Magic Keyboard and Smart Folio

The Magic Keyboard was built with the iPad Pro in mind and Apple said this keyboard makes uses feel like they are “using a MacBook.”

The new Magic Keyboard has the same floating design that Apple-heads froth over, and now includes a function row for access to features like screen brightness and volume controls.

Image: Apple

For those ergonomically aligned, it has an aluminium palm rest and a larger trackpad that Apple said is even responsive with haptic feedback.

The new Magic Keyboard attaches magnetically, and the Smart Connector immediately connects power and data without Bluetooth. The machined aluminium hinge also includes a USB-C connector for charging. The new Magic Keyboard comes in two colours black with a space black aluminium palm rest, and white with a silver aluminium palm rest.

The new Smart Folio for iPad Pro attaches magnetically and now supports multiple viewing angles for greater flexibility. Available in black, white, and denim.

The new 11-inch Magic Keyboard is available for $499 and the new 13-inch Magic Keyboard is available for $579.

Read more about this morning’s Apple iPad event here.

Image: Apple

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