TiVo Launching Without Subscription?

We all know that TiVo is coming soon, but if the rumblings coming out of the SMH are true, then we’ll be getting it without the usual subscription fee that TiVo charges.

I don’t know about you, but the whole Australian launch of TiVo just got mighty exciting.

The last we heard, they were planning on cutting the subscription fee right down. But by making it a premium box without ongoing fees, the TiVo will stand out against PVRs from other manufacturers thanks to its proven EPG data and internet capabilities.

Apparently we’re looking at a July launch for teh TiVo box, which looks like a month later than Foxtel’s new iQ2. The SMH reckons that the move to a subscription-free TiVo will push Foxtel into dropping their price, but I’ll believe that when I see it.

On a side note, both Channels 9 and 10 have confirmed that they will share their EPG data on the TiVo, which is a nice touch from Channel 9 considering their ongoing litigation against IceTV.

The other interesting thing is that all the extra features that TiVo offers – like online entertainment, for example, won’t be available at launch. Instead they’re focusing on the EPG and getting it launched for the Olympics.

In any case, this is awesome news for PVR enthusiasts in Australia. I’m actually excited by this now. How about you guys?