Vodafone Cuts Its BlackBerry Pricing

voda Blackberry.jpg

If you were obsessing over Vodafone’s (and Optus’s) upcoming release of the iPhone, then you might try and extrapolate all kinds of hidden meanings from their decision to cut the cost of their BlackBerry data plans.

After all, the iPhone is likely to use even more data than a BlackBerry, and with the prices for data still quite expensive, you could argue that this is a move by Vodafone to try and test the waters for their iPhone release.

But we won’t do that. Instead, we’ll take it as it is. Vodafone have cut their BlackBerry data packages to start from $14.95 for 1.5MB of data (or approximately 500 emails) or $24.95 for unlimited data. Of course, when they say unlimited, they mean anything but. And you need to be on a $79 plan or a $49 plan to be eligible for those prices too.

They’re also giving away the BlackBerry Pearl 8110 for free on a $79 cap over 24 months.

This isn’t a bad deal, but it isn’t quite as good as 3’s Blackberry deal. Although in the case of 3, if you start downloading emails outside of their coverage zone… your wallet will say ouch. So weigh up what’s best for you before you make your choice…