Breakfast Wrap: Best of Monday Night


Almost lunchtime. That means somebody skipped breakfast. And coffee. What a day…

Asus Photo Frame Lets You Use It As a Secondary Display
Seriously? A digital frame that might actually be useful? Awesome!

Guy Hacks His Roomba with LEDs, Transforms It Into Pac Man
Makes me want to throw a bedsheet over my head and wander through teh halls of my house. Who’s with me?

Ballmer Egg Attack Eulogised In Flash Game
Are you a better shot than that Hungarian guy?

Optimus Prime T-Shirt Transforms into Arrest Threat at Airport
It blows me away that people are actually this stupid.

Latest Round of Semi-Credible 3G iPhone Specs: 22 Percent Thinner
Almost made it a full day without some new iPhone rumours… Oh well. Only a week to go!