Breakfast Wrap: Best of Thursday Night

fruit yoghurt and granola breakfast.jpg

Thank God It’s Friday! I dont know about you guys, but I’m exhausted! Good collection of stuff overnight:
Shocking Sick Puppy is ‘Operation’ for a New Generation
you can never be too old for a game like this.

Jar Jar Gives You Another Reason for Spore, iPhone 2.0 Excitement
I’m actually really looking forward to Spore. What about you guys?

Chinese UFO Looks Like Emergency Life Raft, Spies on You
I’m waiting for them to attack foreigners during the Olympics.

Real-Size Alien Statue Guaranteed to Kill You at Night
Unless you happen to have a real-sized Predator statue to fight it off, of course.

Galactic Empire Cloning Stormtroopers in Lego Factory
Is anybody else incredibly jealous of Jesus right now?