eBay Backing Down On PayPal-Only Payments?

ebay ACCC backdown.png

After months of ridicule for one of the stupidest decisions in the history of the Internet, it appears that the online auction giant eBay may have come to its senses. Today they’ve sent users an email stating that the payment changes scheduled for July 15 have been postponed indefinitely, until the ACCC makes their final ruling.

Of course, this doesn’t rule out some future madness that might take control of eBay’s board and make them insist that Paypal is the only way forward again, but at the moment it looks like sellers are safe from compulsory double payments.

It’s also important to note that the changes already brought in, like compulsory Paypal listing (among other forms of payment) are here to stay.

I wonder if it’s too late though… how many users have already made the switch to another auction site?