Supported Carriers List Found In iPhone Firmware 2.0 – Telstra’s There, But Where’s 3?

Remember the ZiPhone unlocking tools that performed some fancy-schmancy magic voodoo to unlock the original iPhone so that you could use it down here in Australia? Well, the guy behind that is now hard at work on the iPhone SDK beta 7, working out a way to unlock your iPhone 3G so you won’t have to actually pay for those applications through the App Store.

While he was tinkering, he discovered something very interesting: A list of networks around the world that will support the iPhone 3G. And as per the recent reports we’ve been hearing, Telstra’s there. Unlike those same recent reports, 3 is not.

Of course this is a list that’s currently in the iPhone SDK’s 7th Beta, so it’s far from a definitive list of carriers. But with Telstra there, it’s hard to imagine that they won’t make an announcement soon. Even though there are reports that they dropped the ball when it comes to BigPond content on the device, a conversation I had with a Telstra rep the other day painted a slightly different picture: “There’s still a lot of time between now and July 11”.

[ZiPhone Status BlogThanks Adrian!]