Want To Buy A New Bravia? Maybe Wait Until July…

PS3 promo.jpg

Tipster extraordinaire Adam has sent us some documents detailing an upcoming Sony Bravia promotion – similar to the one offered earlier this year – where you can pick up a free PS3 when you purchase a Bravia TV.

This time around though, it’s limited to just 35,000 PS3s, with a website for checking how many are left or the ability to find out via SMS or toll-free number. The special offer will run between July 1 and 31, and applies to any purchase of a Sony Bravia XBR, X3100, W3100, V4000 and W4000 models.

To apply for their PS3, customers need to register their details within two weeks of purchase. To avoid a repitition of the negative press surrounding the previous PS3 giveaway, Sony are planning on keeping customers in the loop with email updates at each stage of the process, from receiving the online registration to receiving physical documents, processing the claim and shipping the PS3.

As you could imagine, the whole offer is to promote Sony’s Bravia TVs before the Olympics. It’s an awesome deal that moved a heap of PS3s and Bravia TVs last time around, so there’s no reason to expect anything different this time either.

[Thanks Adam!]