Australian TiVo Set To Get Online Shopping And VOD Next Year

By March next year, TiVo owners will be able to download movies on demand as well as do a spot of grocery shopping from the comfort of their loungeroom according to Australian IT.

The VOD service will be in conjunction with Blockbuster, offering a free movie every week downloaded straight to the DVR. There will also be advertising supported movies from Channel 7’s library, meaning you’ll have to watch some ads but won’t have to pay for the content. The Blockbuster deal will also offer a selection of over 100 movies on a pay-per-view basis by March 1.

On top of that, Tivo’s also planning on introducing the ability to purchase groceries directly through the device online. While the ability to purchase pizza midway through a movie might seem appealing, it’s hard to imagine the online shopping aspect of the device really taking off through a remote control interface.

The new services start rolling out from November 17, although the one aspect TiVo users will have to be wary of is download limits – downloading movies and other video online is data heavy, and the last thing you want to do is drop down to dialup speeds, especially if you’re midway through a flick…

[Australian IT]