SUNA Traffic Channel Lands On Uniden Satnavs

TRAX 436_Angle)High Res.jpgIt’s been a year since Intelematics launched their SUNA traffic channel in Melbourne – since then it’s been extended to Sydney and Brisbane and is available on six of the top satnav manufacturers units. Wait… better make that seven brands, with today’s announcement that selected Uniden satnavs will now play friendly with the SUNA traffic channel.

The Uniden Trax 436 is SUNA compatible straight out of the box. Considering it has an RRP of $500 and comes with bonus mapping for all of New Zealand, it actually sounds like a pretty good deal. At the moment it isn’t clear whether or not any other models are traffic-compatible with an external TMC antenna, but it would surprise me if they weren’t.

In any case – more satnav options with Traffic is a great thing no matter which way you look at it.