AKG’s Releases Two New Pairs Of Headphones For The Discerning Audiophile

AKG k702 headphones.jpgHaving a decent set of headphones is a must-purchase accessory when you buy a new MP3 player, but unless you’re entire music collection is in lossless Flac files or you have a home theatre setup worth thousands upon thousands of dollars, the latest AKG K702 headphones are probably slightly overkill for you. At $1,099, they’re targetted specifically at the high-end audiophile market, with a bandwidth from 10Hz to 39,800Hz and weighing in at 235 grams, they probably perform absolutely superbly, but most of us will never know.K910 b.jpgOn the other hand, you could go for a cheaper wireless pair from AKG – the K910s. The black recharging base station and matching headphones set costs $249, offers a frequency response of 20Hz to 20KHz and will give you 15 hours of wireless playback. Both pairs are available now.

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