Dan Lyons (aka Fake Steve Jobs) Stands Up For Giz

The battle between Gizmodo and CNBC over Steve Jobs’ health continues to rage on. Obviously, here at Giz AU, we have a distinct bias as to who we think is right, but it’s reassuring to know that Newsweek columnist and ex-Fake Steve Jobs Dan Lyons is prepared to step up to the plate and demand Jim Goldman apologise to Giz. Silicon Alley Insider reckons he’s received a lifetime ban from the channel for it. If that’s the case, we hope Dan knows just how highly we regard him for calling Goldman out. Of course, now that Steve-O ha announced he’s taking sick leave, let’s hope this whole issue can be put to rest so the poor man can get better. Whether you love him, hate him or have no feelings whatsoever for the man or the company he founded, any person dealing with health issues deserves privacy and respect.