Community TV EPG TO Feature On Freeview

Finally, the people at Freeview have made a wise decision. According to Sally Jackson at The Australian, they have voted unanimously to include the EPG for community television stations in their broadcast EPG. That is, once Community TV goes digital.At the moment, the community TV networks lack the funds to upgrade their equipment to digital. They’re hoping that will change this year, with their fingers crossed for some cash from the Government in the May budget to help the process.

But when they do go digital, Freeview will welcome their programming schedule into their EPG with open arms. Foxtel, on the other hand, won’t. Or at least, aren’t saying whether they will or not.

This doesn’t change our opinion that Freeview is a confusing clusterfuck. But at least this is a positive move, as opposed to things like preventing ad skipping and getting YouTube to pull down parody ads.

[The Australian via Lifehacker]