Weekend Adventures: Sacrificing For Gizmodo

heineken singstar.jpgCall it fate, call it destiny, call it luck – Late last week when I popped into the office for my regular weekly visit, there were two very interesting products on my desk: The Heineken Draught Keg you may have seen advertised on Giz recently, and the new Singstar wireless microphones, complete with a copy of Singstar: Queen.Who can say what the Gods were thinking when they decided to deliver these two products onto my desk together? I can only assume that it was preordained that my destiny for this weekend would involve drinking Heineken from a keg and singing We are the Champions through my TV. And so, with great some reluctance, I pledge that this weekend I will review both the Heineken draught keg and the Singstar wireless microphones for you, the Gizmodo reader.

What gadget-related plans have you all got for the weekend?