Circles.Life Is Offering $20 for a Whopping 150GB of Data

Circles.Life Is Offering $20 for a Whopping 150GB of Data
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Mobile provider Circles.Life is offering a huge deal on one of its mobile plans. New customers can get 150GB per month for $20, as long as you sign up before 3pm on April 29. Ignoring the oddly specific cutoff time, that’s 50 per cent off this plan’s usual price, plus 100GB bonus data per month.

Just remember to use the code ROCKANDROLLOVER2.

The deal lasts for six months after signing up, after which it reverts to its usual $40 per month with 50GB of data. But there’s no lock-in contract, so you can switch to another carrier or plan once the deal is over.

At this point, you might be asking: ‘how does this plan compare to the competition?’ At the risk of spoilers, this is a massive amount of data for the price.

Here’s this Circles.Life deal: 

Here are other $20 mobile plans, ranked by how much data they have:

And here’s how much you’d normally pay for at least 100GB of data per month:

The only mobile plan that comes close is a different deal from Moose Mobile, which is more expensive and offers 50GB less data per month during its eight-month discount period.

After that, plans start at $35 per month for 100GB of data – versus Circles.Life’s 150GB for $20.

Circles.Life also recently brought in data rollover, letting you bank up to 500GB at once. This banked data has no expiry date but can be lost if you change which plan you’re on.

The only downside is this plan is limited to 4G. But while that might sound like a drag, consider what you actually use your phone for. 4G speeds can generally go up to around 100Mbps – that’s a faster connection than many households have for their NBN plan.

Unless you regularly hotspot multiple laptops, tablets and media devices from your phone, you might not even notice the difference, depending on the mix of 4G and 5G coverage in your area.

Alex Angove-Plumb is a journalist at WhistleOut, Australia’s phone and internet comparison website

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