Telstra Boosts Next G’s Uplink Speed To 5.8Mbps

You’ve got to give it to Telstra: Even though you pay for it dearly, their Next G network keeps advancing leaps and bounds beyond what any of the other networks have to offer. First there was the speed bump to 21Mbps download speeds, and now they’ve bumped up the upload speeds to 5.8Mbps.

Like the 21Mbps figure, the 5.8Mbps is only a theoretical maximum – in the real world you’re more likely to get speeds of 300Kbps to 3Mbps in capital cities, or up to 1Mbps everywhere else. For comparison, Optus’s HSPA network has a theoretical maximum of 2Mbps uplink, with real world speeds in metro areas varying between 150Kbps and 1.5Mbps (or 1.1Mbps in regional areas). Telstra reckon that this speed boost makes uploading stuff about 3 times faster than before.

The uplink speed boost will work with the Telco’s 21Mbps HSPA modem straight away with a firmware upgrade available from Sierra Wireless’ website, while other NextG and BigPond customers will have the update made available in the coming weeks.