If Only The Umpire Had An iQ…

foxtel-iq-cricketSo apparently during the last Ashes Test match, the umpire made a heap of bad calls. I wouldn’t know, I was sleeping. But apparently one of them was missed by not only the umpire, but also the commentators (which isn’t surprising given how boring the sport actually is). That is, until Foxtel iQ owners picked up on the incorrect decision and letr the commentators know via a flood of emails.

Now, if you’re like me, try not to fall asleep while I describe to you what happened: English bowler Andrew Flintoff bowled to Simon Katich, who hit the ball and was caught. Out. Except iQ viewers, who replayed the scene, saw that Flintoff had actually placed his foot over the line and bowled a no ball. After the emails were received at Fox Sports HQ, the commentators acknowledged the erroneous dismissal, although the umpire, unsurprisingly, did nothing.

So what kind of lesson does this teach our kids? I’m going to stick with the fact that cricket’s a dull, dull sport.

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